We continue our dialogue with communities

So, on February 19 in the House of Culture of the village of Taras Shevchenko, which is in the Ripkin district in Chernihiv region, a gathering of citizens took place, in which representatives of LLC them. Shevchenko – the director of the enterprise Evgeny Skrobotov, the head of the land department Artem Milenko and others. For nearly two hours, residents of four villages in the Tarasoshevchenkivskyi district, vigorously discussed the activities of local authorities in 2019, asked questions, voiced their concerns. In turn, representatives of LLC them. Shevchenko provided the peasants, who are his shareholders, with informative information and explanations regarding the use of land shares, the amount of rent, registration of documentation.

Beta-Agro-Invest is also a responsible employer and social partner. Therefore, despite the decrease in cattle population in the region, a dairy farm continues to operate in the village of Taras Shevchenko, where local jobs are created. In addition, LLC them. Shevchenko always supports social projects and community events – Village Day, Farm Workers Day, New Year holidays, local festivals and more.