The spring field season is in full swing

The Company’s mechanics continue to carry out the necessary agro-operations of the spring field season.

In the Donetsk region, the production sites of Novoselivka, Novokalinove, Velvet, Rozivka, Pravdivka, Vozdvizhenka of Beta-Agro-Invest LLC have completed harrowing under sunflower sowing, and have almost coped with cultivation. Have not forgotten about the necessary technology for growing oilseeds complex and other fertilizers.

At the Novoselivka precinct, where winter barley was sown in the fall of 2019, it was fed, harrowed, and work continued to protect the culture from disease. In the fields of VD Novokalinovo and Velvet sowed spring barley and at the same time fed with fertilizers. Also, the planned area of ​​alfalfa was completely sown by the Velvet VD and immediately refueled. And still harrowed, cultivated a field under chickpeas, sowed legumes with the simultaneous introduction of nutrients.

The sites of Novoselivka, Novokalinovoe, Rozivka, Vozdvizhenka prepared allotted areas of land for growing perennial grasses – performed harrowing and fertilizing the soil.

In the Chernihiv region mechanizers of them. Shevchenko made fertilizers on fields with crops of winter wheat, winter barley and winter rapeseed. During the warm winter, the plants were able to use their accumulated reserves and needed replenishment of nutrients for further growth and development. Also received a proper amount of fertilizer land set aside for growing sunflower.

Timely and qualitatively coped with the Society for harrowing and fertilizing the soil in the fields for the future lucerne crop. Almost finished wheat harrowing. At the same time, the closure of moisture for corn and sunflower was completed.