The Company's humanitarian mission in the east of Ukraine

On Wednesday, October 16, employees of the Company together with representatives of the Yasinovat Regional State Administration with a humanitarian mission visited the village of Vodyane, Yasinovat district of Donetsk region.

As a socially responsible partner, Beta-Agro-Invest LLC has been organizing, for the third year in a row, free delivery of feed wheat to Water for the needs of the local population. Today, this settlement is located in the so-called “red zone”, ie on the line of collision of Ukrainian military OSOs and illegal armed formations of the ORDiLo, in the area of ​​warfare. Since the beginning of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, in particular in the northern outskirts of Donetsk, more than half of the residents of Vodyany had to leave their homes.

For locals, any visit by representatives of government, business, or the AF of the Armed Forces to such settlements is an opportunity to voice problems and receive necessary assistance. The humanitarian mission involved employees of the production site of Novoselivka LLC Beta-Agro-Invest.