Sunflower harvesting comes to an end

As of September 16, the sunflower harvesting in the production sites of Beta-Agro-Invest LLC was almost completed (by 96 percent). VD “Novoselivka”, “Velvet”, “Rozivka”, SE “Donetsk” mowed it completely. In the Novokalinovo and Pravdovka, the percent of the area on which this oil crop was grown remained intact. According to preliminary estimates, in the Donetsk region of the Company more than 12 thousand tons of sunflower seeds were obtained at an average yield of 25 c / h.

At the same time, farmers carry out other agro-operations according to the schedule and taking into account weather conditions. In the summer and in Donetsk region, and in the Chernihiv region, the land was prepared for sowing winter rapeseed, its sowing was completed in all planned areas, the culture was fed with the necessary nutrients in view of the season of work. After proper soil preparation, winter wheat sowing is completed, cultivation and soil cultivation have been done in the fields where winter barley is to be sown. In addition, work is underway to prepare the land for steam and frogs: deep plowing, plowing, fertilizing, and more.