Plant growing

Crop production is the main business line of B.I.G. Harvest Group.

At present, the Land Bank of the Company is about 30 thousand hectares in aggregate in Chernihiv and Donetsk regions, with the division into seven production sites, formed on the basis of geography and taking into account the proximity of key infrastructure objects.

Agribusiness B.I.G. Harvest Group specializes on the cultivation of cereals and oilseeds.

Main Cultures:

  • wheat,
  • sunflower
  • corn
  • rape
  • soybean

The use of the most productive varieties and hybrids of field crops, which have shown the best on concrete soils in the conditions of a particular region, promotes stable high yields. the role of resource conservation and modern adaptive technologies for growing crops is of great importance.

With the help of high-productivity agricultural machinery JOHN DEERE for enterprises B.I.G. Harvest Group is able to timely and qualitatively perform fieldwork depending on the season and production tasks.

For the purpose of effective construction of operational management at the Company’s enterprises, the Cropio remote agromonitoring system is used. It allows to receive reliable information about the movement of equipment and performance, to assess the state of the fields, to react in a timely manner to the emergence of problem areas in the fields and to plan work to correct the situation in a real time, daily and hourly.