Year after year B.I.G. Harvest Group has been developing intensively, gaining more and more frontiers in the agrarian business, new markets. In Ukraine, the company has been known for a long time as a steady producer of cereals and oilseeds, as a decent partner, as a responsible employer.

B.I.G. The Harvest Group is a steady move forward, a constant development. Our main goal is to grow the most high-quality agricultural products on the native, lucrative Ukrainian land, which, in turn, will provide people with high-quality and affordable food and energy without polluting the environment.

To do this, we use the best seeds and state-of-the-art technologies, from soil tillage, crop maintenance, harvesting and storage, farmland management, and business and human resource management. Not only the final result of our joint work is important to us, but also how it was achieved.

We seek to increase the well-being of our employees, because they are the embodiment of true professionalism and are infinitely in love with the agrarian business.

We have proved not once that we are capable of overcoming difficult situations, reaching the planned ones, in spite of unfavorable conditions such as the weather or the economy. We have invested a lot to take one more step forward. And we will not stop.