Ltd. Shevchenko

Ltd. Shevchenko

B.I.G. The Harvest Group has been operating since 2012 In Chernihiv region, when LLC. After Shevchenko was set up on the basis of the former KSP in Ripkinsky District.

In a relatively short time, LLC. after Shevchenko has significantly increased the bank of land, now it processes about 5,500 hectares, growing winter wheat, corn, soya, sunflower, rape and other crops. In order to obtain consistently high yields, the most productive varieties and hybrids of field crops are used in the enterprise, which have shown their best in the given region on specific soils.

Also, part of the land is allocated under the crops of perennial grasses, which later will become an integral part of the ration of cattle which are bred on the farm enterprises.

Mechanized Park Ltd. Shevchenko is equipped with a variety of agricultural machinery. These are tractors and combines JOHN DEERE, modern seeding complexes for cereals and spreading crops, various means of mechanization, a modern sprayer that can handle up to a thousand hectares of sown area per day. With this technique, the companyis able to carry out agricultural operations depending on the season and production tasks qualitatively and on time. In addition, aviation is used for agro-technical measures.

In order to ensure the effective preservation and refinement of grain of cereals and oilseeds, a modern elevator with capacity of 22 thousand tons of simultaneous storage was built on the territory of the farm in the village of Malyi Lyslym.

Apart from plant growing, LLC after Shevchenko develops animal husbandry. The total herd of cattle has about 600 heads of livestock of dairy breed. Currently, the farm has been intensively reconstructed, living conditions for personnel were significantly improved, new equipment was purchased.