The history of B.I.G.Harvest Group began in 1991 with the creation of a small private commercial production enterprise Beta (the city of Yasinovata, Donetsk region). Beta-Agro-Invest LLC was founded in 2000.It  took a course towards the development of the agriculture sector of Donetsk region. In several years this agrarian enterprise has become one of the most successful producers of agricultural products in the region.

By 2014, the Land Bank of Beta-Agro-Invest LLC was about 40 thousand hectares, and its own newest machine-tractor station (MTS) served dozens of JOHN DEERE tractors and combines, other agricultural machinery and mechanization equipment. The yield of crops was brought to the highest in the region.

Granaries were maintained in urban villages Ocheretine and Novgorod (Yasinuvatsky district), mill complex “Beta-Mill” was built and equipped with high-tech Swiss equipment from scratch. This enterprise processed 100 tons of wheat grain per day and produced high quality wheat flour.

Also, in Gorlovka, a mill complex with a production capacity of 20,000 tons was thoroughly reconstructed. There also the most up-to-date mill and elevator equipment was installed.

One of the promising directions of agribusiness for the Company at that time was the development of livestock breeding – breeding of cattle of dairy breeds and pig breeding.

Since 2012, the Company has expanded the geography of its activities, starting the processing of land in Ripky district of Chernihiv region, becoming the beneficiary of LLC. Shevchenko. During a relatively short period of time, this company has significantly increased the land bank due to land shares leased to more favorable terms, compared with competitors, for their owners. Thus, LLC. Shevchenko was able to successfully grow winter wheat, corn, soya, sunflower, rape and other crops in the region.

In addition to agriculture, B.I.G. Harvest Group had been actively developing in the construction, hospitality, and retail trade of food products. Also, the production of exclusive billiard tables was set up.

But the events of 2014 brought significant adjustments to the activities of B.I.G. Harvest Group. As a result of hostilities in Donbass, it was necessary to exclude from the crop rotation 12 thousand hectares of land that was in the uncontrolled Ukrainian territory, a mill was lost in Gorlovka, as a result of the bombardment, complex ‘Mlyn’ was completely destroyed. The company suffered multimillion losses, and employees of B.I.G. The Harvest Group with its families was evacuated from the war zone to a peaceful area.

Anyway, all these tests failed to stop the work of B.I.G. Harvest Group. Moreover, today it is a rapidly developing, agricultural holding company, which has maintained an ultra high performance and quality line, retained its proprietary, highest level of reliability and impeccable reputation among its partners, and formed a stable team of professionals and like-minded people.