Grain storage

It is extremely important for agrarians not only to grow the crop, but also to preserve it qualitatively. For the purpose of efficient storage and processing of grain and oilseeds grown by the enterprise, in Donetsk region, namely, in the urban villages Ocheretin and Novgorodske (Yasinuvatsky district), two grain receiving points with a total capacity of 27 thousand tons of one-time storage have been operating successfully.

In Chernihiv region, in the village of Malyi Lisstvo, in 2015 the company built a modern elevator with a capacity of 22 thousand tons, with the possibility of capacity expansion.

The elevators are equipped with systems of temperature control, aeration, insect detection, weighing equipment and modern production and technological laboratories, equipped with all necessary measuring devices. The research of grain is carried out at its reception, the goods are shipped according to numerous parameters, DSTU and international standards, as well as in accordance with the terms of contracts.