Competition of combines in the fields of LLC. Shevchenko

In the fields of them. Shevchenko in Chernihiv passed the testing and competition of combine harvesters New Holland provided by Technotorg LLC and John Deere S780, which was purchased by our Company this year and has already made a brilliant appearance in the work. During testing, the harvesters harvested corn using a 12-row CAPELLO Quasar F12 reaper.

Each combine had to go one and a half kilometers. New Holland knocked it home in 24 minutes, John Deere S780 took the lead after 21 minutes. The difference is supposedly insignificant, but on thousands of hectares the time savings become very noticeable. Therefore, speed is not a plus for combine harvesters.

There were other advantages of the “American” over the “Belgian”. Thus, the John Deere S780 has a more powerful engine, it is equipped with a more capacious hopper and wider than the “rival”, the receiving chamber of the thresher. In addition, its unloading auger is more productive, allowing you to unload faster.