Beta-Agro-invest Ltd

Beta-Agro-invest Ltd

Currently, Beta-Agro-invest LLC processes about 24,000 hectares of arable land in the Donetsk region – in Konstantinovsky, Yasinuvatsky, Pokrovsky and Dobropilsky districts.

In the structure of the fields of the enterprise winter wheat and sunflower occupy a significant part. Apart from it, winter and spring rape, winter rye, spring and winter barley, mince, oats, soya, mustard are grown. Due to the strict application of agronomic technologies, the efficient use of agricultural machinery, advanced developments, and the concerted efforts of specialists of the enterprise, the yield of these crops reaches the highest rates in the region.

Machine-tractor station (MTS) Beta-Agro-invest LLC has dozens of tractors and combines JOHN DEERE of different modifications. Moreover, the company uses for productive work modern crop seed and grazing systems, sprayers that can handle up to one thousand hectares of sown area per day, other agricultural machinery and attachments.

For the purpose of effective construction of operational management, Beta-Agro-Invest LLC uses the remote Cargo Agromonitoring system, which allows real-time control of the state of crops in the fields, to identify problem areas, to receive reliable information about the performance of the equipment and aggregates involved.

Granaries in urban villages Ocheretine and Novgorod provide effective preservation of the harvest and refinement of grain to high quality indices. After that, it is transported to customers by the company’s transport vehicles , modern grain trucks.