Історія створення компанії

B.I.G. Harvest Group is one of the most successful agricultural companies in Ukraine that produces and sells environmentally friendly agricultural products on the domestic and foreign markets in accordance with international quality standards.

The company has an excellent reputation among its partners – domestic and foreign grain traders, processors of raw materials, suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment, plant protection products, and also among owners of land shares. Financial institutions consider it a responsible borrower.

Their strong positions in the market of agricultural services B.I.G. Harvest Group are onfidently kept thanks to stable harvests, guaranteed quantities and high quality of agricultural produce. This is due to the application of modern methods of agrotechnics, the latest developments in various fields, including IT technologies, high-performance agricultural machines, thanks to a team of skilled employees, many of whom have been working for the company for a long time, as well as by attracting young prospective personnel.

The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Chernihiv, a branch in the Eastern region is in the city of Druzhkovka, Donetsk region.