We operate since 2000 in the agriculture industry in the Donetsk region (Eastern part of Ukraine). Our business activity is divided in crop production, livestock and others. We consider ourselves to be one of the leading agricultural companies in terms of profitability in Ukraine.

 In 2010 approximately 93% was generated bye crop production, with wheat and sunflower being the dominant crops. In the livestock segment revenues were generated by pig breeding and milk cattle breeding; in the segment others through trading activities of crops from and harvesting services for third parties.

 Our aim is to further improve our operational and financial margins and to achieve high profitability of our business through strengthening the current crop production segment by increasing our storage capabilities as well as the  existing land bank. We further intend to increas diversification and focus on vertical integration of the business by setting up a flour mill and oil processing plant and by strengthening our livestock segment by increasing the number of milk cow cattle.

1991 - Founding SPPCCBeta”, former parent company ofBeta-Agro-investLLC

2000 - Set up of “Beta-Agro Invest” with 700ha arable land

2005 - 14,200 ha of arable lands. Actions to transfer cultivation for no-till technology            Company got status of seed-growing enterprise

2010 - LLC "Beta-Agro-invest" comprises 8 production areas with more than 28,000 ha of land bank