Business overview


We operate in the eastern part of Ukraine, an area with high fertile soil and favourable climate. Moreover the competitiveness of the Ukrainian agricultural business, relative low operating costs, such as costs for the use of land and wages offers excellent opportunities for companies operating in this sector. Additionally the sale of end products such as flour and sunflower oil and products related to livestock, in particular dairy may benefit from increasing demand and growing prices on domestic and international markets.


Excellent crop capacity is the result of using high technologies in agriculture and modern machines of foreign manufacture. We focus on using mainly no-till and mini-till technologies. Currently we do have approximately 56% of the arable land cultivated by mini-till and 44% by no-till. 


No-till farming excludes the use of tillage. Crop residues or other organic amenities are retained on the soil surface and sowing/fertilizing is done with minimal soil disturbance. Continuous no-till needs to be managed very differently in order to keep or increase yield on the fields. Residue, weeds, equipment, crop rotations, water, disease, pests, and fertilizer management are just some of the many details of farming that change when switching to no-till. Less tillage of the soil reduces labour, fuel, irrigation and machinery costs. Another benefit is that the higher water content makes it more recommendable to plant further crops instead of leaving a field fallow. 


The land cultivation under the no-till technology without plowing benefits from less dependence on weather conditions due to preserving moisture in the soil. Moreover the fuel consumption with no-till is 3.5-4 less than with conventional tillage. Machinery usage at sowing is also significantly less as in case of tillage. 



We sell crops in transparent open auction transaction tp affiliated units of big traders such as Cargill or Glencore.